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Avoid Expansion Of Your Windshield Chip With These Strategies

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In the blink of an eye, an uneventful drive in your vehicle can quickly be eliminated by a rock zipping through the air and making contact with your windshield. In many cases, this projectile will leave a chip behind. Many motorists choose to ignore this seemingly minor damage, but it's important to know that, over time, you can count on the chip growing in size until it's a large crack. While your local auto glass shop will be able to replace a cracked windshield, it's better to visit for a chip repair. This job is quick and can virtually remove any sign of the damage while also restoring the integrity of the windshield. These three methods can prevent your chip from expanding until you're able to schedule a repair appointment.

Don't Tailgate

Tailgating other drivers can obviously increase your risk of being in a fender bender, but this aggressive form of driving also means that you'll be in range of rocks being kicked up by other vehicles' tires. The concern here isn't necessary getting another chip; if a rock hits your windshield, it can generate a vibration that causes your existing chip to grow into a crack. As such, it's ideal to increase your following distance when your windshield is chipped; following at a safe distance can prevent the spread of the crack and make it possible to have the windshield repaired instead of replaced. If someone pulls in front of you because of the large gap you've created, simply reduce your speed or move around the other vehicle to find an open area.

Stay Off Gravel Roads

Gravel roads are precarious because there are more rocks for vehicles' tires to pick up and send through the air. It's beneficial to avoid driving on these unpaved roads when your windshield is already chipped, given the danger of a vibration caused by another rock causing the chip to expand into a crack. If you know the area in which you're driving, you'll be able to think of paved roads to take to reach your destination. If not, it's beneficial to use an online map service to find a better route. If you find that you have to drive on a gravel road, make sure to leave a considerable gap between you and the vehicle you're following.

Be Careful With Your Heater And A/C

Rapid temperature changes can cause your windshield chip to expand right before your eyes. You can reduce the risk of this unpleasant occurrence by being careful with your heater and air conditioner. If it's extremely cold or hot outdoors, your windshield will be a comparable temperature, and blasting air on it will cause a crack. Instead, close your dashboard vents and heat or cool the car gradually through the use of the floor vents.

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