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Having Your Car Towed? Follow These 4 Tips For Keeping Your Valuables Safe

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If you are having your car towed, you might be worried about your valuables while your car is being towed or while it's sitting in the lot. Luckily, taking a few precautions can help you keep your valuables safe.

1. Choose a Reputable Towing Provider

First of all, make sure that you choose a reputable towing provider. Look for a towing company that is well-respected, and inquire about where your car will be kept, if applicable. For example, if your car will be kept on the towing lot, ask if the lot has secure fencing, ample lighting and security cameras in place. These things can help keep your vehicle -- and everything in it -- as safe as possible while on the lot.

2. Take Out What You Can

Don't leave behind your valuables if you can help it. Grab your mp3 player, your stereo faceplate, your CD collection and anything else that you might keep in your car that is valuable. Empty out your change-filled ashtray, and grab any jewelry that might currently be in your car.

3. Secure Your Vehicle

Lock your glove compartment or your center console -- or both -- and put items in them that you aren't able to take with you. Make sure that your windows are rolled up, and lock all of the doors except for the driver's door, which the towing provider might need to open to put your car into neutral or to turn the steering wheel. Your car might be left in the lot just how it is picked up, so taking these steps is worthwhile.

4. Provide the Keys

Make sure that your towing provider has your keys. Otherwise, he or she will have to leave the door unlocked in order to access your vehicle. Just make sure that you don't forget to take off your work keys, house keys, loyalty/membership cards or anything else that you might need in the days that your car will be away. Your towing provider will probably prefer to just have your single key or remote rather than your entire keychain anyway.

A good towing company should not leave you worried about your valuables, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your car or your "stuff." Follow these four tips, however, and you shouldn't have anything to worry about in regards to the valuables that are in your vehicle. For more information, contact various towing companies, such as Tip Top Towing Inc.