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3 Add-Ons To Ask For When Having A Dent Fixed

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When you head to the auto shop to get the evidence of a wayward shopping cart or unfortunately placed telephone pole out of the body of your car, you might just try to get in, get out, and get your car back to its previous state. However, having a dent fixed offers an opportunity to have more than just a recent mishap corrected. A trip to the auto body shop gives you access to all of the highly specialized tools and equipment available to the average professional garage, so wasting this opportunity is a big mistake. 

Scratch Repair

Scratch repair is a very quick fix and often accompanies a small dent like from a tree or shopping cart. The process can be done at home, but is far easier if you don't have to buy entire bottles and cans of polishing agents to do the job once. Expect to be charged a nominal fee for the service, but the deep, hard shine where your scratches once were will be well worth the small amount of added expense and time. 

Light Defogging

Arguably nothing makes your car look older and more dilapidated than foggy headlights. Fortunately, this is another easy fix to make, but yet another one that doesn't make sense to purchase the materials only to do it once in your driveway. Plus, a car cosmetic professional will doubtlessly do a better job than a quick rub before heading to pick up the kids at school or on your way to work. 

Chrome Touch-Up

When your car gets dirty or exhibits a little bit of corrosion, the first place it'll likely show is in your chrome trim. Thankfully, the chrome is one of the easier surfaces to buff and shine if you have the proper equipment and chemicals. The best part about having your chrome cleaned is that it will catch the eye of anyone looking at your car, effectively making it look as though your entire car just got detailed. 

While a ding or small dent might be an eyesore, getting this little issue fixed in addition to having a couple other cosmetic issues taken care of will have your car rolling out of the garage looking like a million bucks. Also, all of these fixes can be completed by a trained professional in a matter of an afternoon, meaning your car won't be out of commission for long, but will still shine when all is said and done. Next time you go to an auto body shop, such as Lou's Auto Body, consider asking for these add-ons.