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Three Reasons To Buy Used Car Parts

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Buying a new auto part is not always the best way to go. While you know you are getting a quality part when you buy a brand new replacement part from a car dealership, you end up paying a lot of money. There is still value in used parts, so before you try to look for new parts, you should consider whether buying a used part is a better choice. 

Reason 1: To Save Money

When a car is totaled, it is still possible that some of the parts on the car are still in good condition. When a mechanic or insurance adjuster says that a car is totaled, they mean that the cost for repairing the car is more than the car is worth. So what happens to any parts of the car that are still usable? When a used car is sold to a scrap yard, a mechanic will go through the car and pull any parts that are still in operating condition. Those looking for discounted parts for their car can then purchase the used parts at a lower price than they could buy new parts. Thus, when you buy used parts, you save money. 

Reason 2: Rebuilding a Vintage Car

If you have a vintage car, some of the value of your car will be found in using original parts. Collectors look for matching serial numbers in vintage cars. If they can't get a matching serial number, then they want to see that the parts used in a car are at least from the same model year. If your car is old or rare enough, it is likely that the manufacturer does not make parts for your car, so your only choice for buying parts is to search scrapyards. 

Reason 3: Taking Care of Mother Earth

If the parts in a car are simply scrapped or left to rot somewhere, then manufacturers have to make new parts to meet the demands of the repair market. By looking first for used parts for your car, you help to relieve the demand for new parts, and thus help to decrease the need to manufacture new replacement parts. 

As long as you get a gently used car part, you should still get plenty of life out of your purchase. Thus, whether you are buying a used part to save money, to rebuild a vintage car, or to do your part to save the earth, you should get value for the money you spend on your used part. 

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