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3 Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying A Trailer For Your Tiny House

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Housing costs can eat up a big portion of your income. If you find yourself wanting to break free from your large mortgage and large home, investing in a tiny house might be your best bet. What these small abodes lack in square footage, they make up for in affordability.

Constructing a tiny house is easy, and making the choice to build your house on a custom trailer will make your home mobile. Here are some questions to keep in mind when you are shopping for your own tiny house trailer in the future.

1. What type of trailer is best suited to accommodate a tiny house?

When it comes to finding a custom trailer on which to build your tiny house, remember that simple is best. You don't want a trailer with tall sides or ramps, since these will distract from with the overall design of your tiny house. Micro-architects suggest that you invest in a simple flatbed trailer.

These trailers, commonly referred to as utility trailers, provide a blank canvas that will allow you to customize the design of your tiny house without any structural interference.

2. How large should the trailer I purchase be?

Although the premise of a tiny house is to significantly downsize your living arrangements, you will want to invest in a trailer that is large enough to accommodate your needs. As you shop for a trailer, it is important to keep permitting requirements in mind.

Trailers that measure larger than 8 feet 6 inches wide, including the wheel bases, are required to obtain a permit before they can legally be driven on today's roadways. If you don't want to bother with the hassle of obtaining a permit, be sure that your trailer is narrower than the 8 foot 6 inch threshold.

3. How much money should I spend on the trailer?

Tiny houses are touted for their affordability, but determining how much money to spend on the trailer your tiny house will be built on can be difficult. Experts estimate that the trailer purchase accounts for about 18% of your tiny home's construction budget, so saving money on the trailer is an easy way to reduce the cost of your build.

To determine the amount of money you should spend on a trailer, calculate the cost of materials and labor to construct your tiny house. As long as the trailer cost doesn't exceed 18% of this total, your tiny home can be built affordably.

Participating in the tiny house movement doesn't have to be difficult, and when you take the time to learn about some basic considerations to make when purchasing the trailer your tiny home will be built on, participation in the tiny house movement can be affordable as well.