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The Pros And Cons Of Suspension Lift Kits For Trucks

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If you're looking for truck modifications that will give your truck the "wow" factor, suspension lift kits are an excellent option. A suspension lift kit will lift the truck's suspension and allow it to sit higher off the ground than it originally did. Before you decide to install a lift kit, here's a closer look at lift kits, as well as the pros and cons of adding them to your truck.

How Do Lift Kits Work?

A suspension lift kit is a system that uses springs to raise the truck above its wheels by suspending the power train, body, and engine. According to Sport-Trucks.com, multiple types of springs can be used, including coil springs, air springs, torsion bars, and leaf springs. Shock absorbers are often used to eliminate problems with excessive shaking when going over bumpy terrain.

The Pros of Lift Kits

While a lift kit for your truck will require an investment, you'll enjoy several benefits after installation, including:

  • Pro #1 – Improved Traction When Off-Roading – Lift kits are especially useful if you plan to take your truck off-roading. With a lift kit, you'll have the room to put bigger tires on the truck, which can improve traction. With increased traction, it's easy to drive over logs, rocks, and other obstacles you encounter when off-roading. The improved traction also improves performance when driving through snow.
  • Pro #2 – Higher Clearance – Depending on the lift kit you choose, you can raise your truck just a couple inches or more than a foot. This provides you with higher clearance, which also makes it easier to clear obstacles when off-roading.
  • Pro #3 – Unique Style – While many truck owners install suspension lift kits to improve the truck's function, others choose lift kits for the unique style they provide. If you want your truck to stand out, a lift kit can make your truck tower above other similar trucks.  

The Cons of Lift Kits

While suspension lift kits offer many pros, they also come with a few cons, including:

  • Con #1 – Potential Safety Problems – When you lift a truck, you raise its center of gravity. This can result in decreased stability, making them more likely to roll, both on-road and off-road. According to WCNC.com, the higher the truck, the more likely you are to deal with a rollover, especially if the truck has bigger wheels.
  • Con #2 – High Cost – While lift kits have a lot to offer, they can be very costly. Depending on the brand, the included components, and the height of the kit, you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for the kit and installation. After installing the lift kit, you may also need to install stronger aftermarket parts and new mechanical components to handle the additional strain the lift puts on the truck.
  • Con #3 – Warranty Problems – If you own a truck that is still under warranty, installing an aftermarket lift kit may void your warranty.

Lift kits can be an exciting addition to your truck, especially if you enjoy off-roading. However, it's important to consider the pros and cons and check local laws before you make the investment. Talk with an auto shop, such as 99 Auto Part, to see if a lift kit is right for your car.